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I provide workshops and presentations in English and Spanish  for programs, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, and the community. My work experience, education, research, and personal experiences provide me with extensive knowledge in the areas of:

Student Empowerment

College Navigation

Graduate School Preparation

Graduate School Navigation

The Role of Parents in College Success

And other Higher Education Topics

Please contact me if you are interested in a workshop or presentation in English or Spanish


College and High School Student Feedback

"What a wonderful and impactful speech! Gracias Ana Guerrero!”

"Thank you for a wonderfully inspirational blessing!”

“Amazing presentation! We are so grateful for you”

“Thank you Dr. Guerrero!! You are so inspiring”

“ I liked how you didn’t just talk about what to do but also how it would feel, like you asked us questions about who we are and who we would be after college”

“Great information & resources to use for future reference. Good energy & very interactive. I really like how the presentation had questions for us to reflect on our concerns/worries, skills, & life before & after college”

“Amazing! I learned a lot & I’m very inspired!”

“Very informational and made me feel less overwhelmed and more comfortable”

“Amazing presentation. Makes everyone feel comfortable”

“Great presentation, great information, and great overall!”


“I thought it was a great presentation Mrs. Guerrero has such bright and gravitating energy that made me comfortable to ask questions”

“I absolutely loved everything mentioned and enjoyed being involved”

“Great! Really helpful to hear from a first generation Latina Doctor! You don’t always get that experience”

Students Learned:

“I learned about the different resources and opportunities available for students in higher education”

“I learned to discover who I am”

“I learned more about scholarships and the mentality you should have when applying”

“No matter our background your goals are attainable”

“A lot about how to approach college + scholarships”

“Financial support, finding a drive to keep going”

“I learned about myself and who I am”

“I learned that I am not alone =)"

“I learned that we have to take care of yourself first so we can succeed"

“To know that YOU are important too”

“ I learned how to organize scholarship applications and college apps”

Parent Presentation Feedback: 

Translated from Spanish to English: 
"This is information is very important for my children and for me"
"The talk is inspiring and it helps us find the strength and motivation to be better."
"I think the presentation is excellent. We need many people like you who can guide the future generations."
"This was very important to me."
"This is my first time at a presentation of this type. It has been a great help to be able to support my 14 year old daughter and encourage my 24 year old son that it is never too late to achieve something."
"Excellent training and help."

What did you learn?

The ways in which I can take advantage of resources and how to find them."
"The way we can support our students by asking questions and giving the required support."
“How to support my student morally and physically.”
"How to help them carry on and give them support."
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