College Coaching Scholarship Donation $50

College Coaching Scholarship Donation $50

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Dear Donor,

As a first-gen college graduate, I can personally attest to the challenges first-gens face as we navigate higher education: lack of information, mentors, guidance, opportunities, finances, etc. Unfortunately, many high school students and college students do not receive enough support from their institution. It is my goal to help fill this gap by providing coaching, resources, and scholarships to students.

 My approach to college coaching is: holistic, validating, student-centered, inclusive of family, bilingual, and culturally proficient. 

After a complimentary introductory call, I offer support in the following areas:

✔️Understanding the college systems

✔️Application process

✔️Choosing a college

✔️Personal statement

✔️Talking to family about college

✔️Leaving home for the first time


✔️College transition

✔️Introduction to research and graduate school

✔️Critical Thinking

And more

You are able to reference a student or I will offer it to a student in need. As a donor, you will receive updates. 

Thank you kindly for your support. 


In community,

Dr. Guerrero