Empowering You to Show Up

Access to information is crucial for first-generation college students, thus, FirstGen_Resilience was founded. Grounded in research, practice, and personal experience, FirstGen_Resilience empowers students by providing information, exposure, guidance, and motivation with a holistic, culturally relevant approach.

Many first-gen college students have high aspirations, yet, little guidance and resources to help them reach their goals. Particularly, there is a need of post-college graduation support, such as career and graduate school preparation.

Although the number of first-gen college students has increased in recent years, first-gen students are still significantly underrepresented in graduate school and leadership positions. The low number is a reflection of institutional and structural barriers, not a reflection of the students themselves. I understand the challenges first-gen college students face while reaching for their academic and career aspirations. I also understand the many assets we bring to the institution, and I want to celebrate them with you. First-gens are resilient; we show up day after day.

Centered on the first-gen experience and family inclusion, I help students access higher education and succeed once there. I provide bilingual college and graduate school workshops, college coaching, graduate school coaching, and empowering products. The phrases on these shirts and mugs helped me keep showing up for my goals, and now, I want to share them with you! I hope they help you in your journey, too. I believe in you.

All items feature original designs by @FirstGen_Resilience.