About Me


Ana holds a PhD from the UC Santa Barbara Department of Education, where she conducted longitudinal research on the narratives of first-gen Latinx students' college and career aspirations development and the development of their personal identities as part of this process. She received her bachelor’s degree in Sociology from UC Berkeley and her master’s degree in Education with an emphasis in Culture and Development from UC Santa Barbara.

Ana has worked with first-gen college-going high school students and their families in English and Spanish to better prepare for and to apply to college. She has also actively been involved in HSI initiatives supporting first-gen college students' transition, adjustment, and navigation of college and graduate school preparation. As part of these initiatives, Ana also provided support for transfer students' transition to the research university, specifically UCSB.

Her practice and research interests include academic and career identity development, Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs), multicultural education, and general Latinx and first-generation college students' concerns in higher education. Ana's professional, academic, and personal experiences inform her commitment to advocate for further equity and inclusion in higher ed, particularly in graduate school.

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